A letter from Jim Comparoni

Publisher of Spartan Magazine

Because of falling circulation over the last five years, it is no longer financially feasible to continue publishing Spartan Magazine and Spartan Plus. The January 2017 magazine was the final issue and December 2016 was the last month of Spartan Plus.

I will now be concentrating all my efforts on SpartanMag.com, our site on the Rivals network, where I will continue to post daily updates, podcasts and analysis covering Michigan State football, basketball and recruiting. Plus, I will regularly interact with the site’s great community of Spartan fans on our message boards.

I have worked out an arrangement with Rivals to fulfill the value of the remaining time on your subscriptions to The Spartan and Spartan Plus. Your subscriptions will be converted into access to SpartanMag.com.

Follow the instructions below to start your subscription (or to extend if you are already a SpartanMag.com member).

Thanks, Jim





• Daily coverage of football, basketball and recruiting
• Analysis and commentary
• Active message board community
• Podcasts and much more

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This offer is available until June 1, 2017.